About Town

Here are some pictures of a recent visit to London. My friend and I spent the day walking the streets finding specific retailers for a project on our course and ‘fashion sightseeing’ despite the rather dull, drab, rainy weather. Admittedly we did get a little distracted by all the beautiful clothes and jewels we saw. Well who wouldn’t get a little carried away?

Enjoy x


Smiles in gloomy London


New Image4

 That mirrored staircase in Victoria’s Secret…

New Image5

 Taking a few moments to recharge

New Image6

   Lea & I fascinated by that mirrored staircase

New Image3

The rain doesn’t stop the hustle and bustle on Bond Street

New Image7

   Oh… Bond Street why do you always looks so glamorous?

New Image9

Bond Street

New Image11

Where better to take a moment to rest and gather your thoughts than surrounded by luxurious clothes in Burberry Prorsum?

New Image12

                                                    Stopping for refreshments – Islington

New Image14

Bubble tea!

All photos courtesy of my friend Lea.


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