Think Pink

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Magazine Covers


These are my two all-time favourite Vogue magazine covers. The ‘Summer Pleasures’ cover below featuring Jean Shrimpton (who happens to be one of my favourite style icons) has been a constant source of inspiration ever since it first captured my attention aged 15. I currently have two copies of it in my university room, and have been known to stick it on the front covers of numerous school books! I just find it endlessly inspiring. I love the composition, colours, freshness and everything about it. The Vogue cover above, I discovered more recently, but nevertheless find it as equally inspiring. The Art Deco style and illustration is beautifully crafted and composed. I adore the colours used too, they are my all time favourite array of colours (I seriously can’t get enough of orange, black, white and grey). The Art Deco era is so influential for me and this cover captures the essence of the era in a very sophisticated way.